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Flag Emergency Exit Sign

Emergency Lights

Flag (FL-EME-000XX)

- Flag emergency indicator
- Self-extinguishing polycarbonate body
- High brightness LED module, 670
- Lumens Polycarbonate optic, laser processing with 3D pixell
- Emergency battery 3 hours at 80% brightness with 350 discharge cycles, long lasting Ni-Hm technology
- Polycarbonate pictograms stickers included Flag installation
- Use Always on or only emergency using a deep  witch

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Power supply 220V-240VDC 50/60Hz
IP Grade: IP20
Power factor: 0,98
Power supply: Eletronic
Body: Aluminum obtained by extrusion, anodizing process of protection
Glass: Self-extinguishing polycarbonate lens
Installation: Suction-suspension installation
Working temperature -20+40°C
Technology LED mid-Power 2830 ceramic 4 generation
CRI >80
LED life (h): 100.000 hours
Flow maintenance L80 50.000 ore
Lm/w 150
Type of diffusion Direct light
Type of optics
Regulations EN / IEC 60598-1:2015
IEC 62471 Exempt group
WARRANTY 5 years from installation

PowerCod. ELlamp°KLm (Tc=25°)Lm (Output)ABKG
15WLA-HB-100W8XX1204000 50001550013850 145 27 1,5